Payment & Money Matters

  1. As soon as the payment is successful, you will receive an invoice automatically from our system. Please print this copy and keep it in a safe place for future reference.
  2. Payment of service fees is made via Doku Payment Gateway by Grand Rohan Jogja at the price stated on the invoice + Rp. 5.000.
  3. Full payment must be made before Grand Rohan Jogja provides services including service extensions. All notifications regarding the due date will be sent via email to Grand Rohan Jogja. There are no invoices or invoices that are sent by mail or fax.
  4. Billing will continue until you decide to stop. You have the right to decide to quit at any time. IDCloudHost does not provide refunds for services that have been used.
  5. Without prejudice to other IDCloudHost rights and solutions based on this Agreement, if a number of invoices are not paid on or before the due date or if payment is not received until 1 day after confirmation of payment, we reserve the right to immediately suspend the provision of services to you.
  6. If you are unable to pay the bill when it is due, we may suspend the Service and / or terminate this Agreement immediately without notification to you.
  7. If the cancellation is made by IDCloudHost in connection with a violation of policy, there will be no refund. IDCloudHost will consider giving a discounted refund for cancellation through no fault of you.
  8. Additional facilities can be added at any time.
  9. IDCloudHost has the right to change prices and hosting facilities without prior notification.
  10. All orders are sent electronically via email. If you have any questions regarding the order please contact us at, IDCloudHost will respond to all inquiries within 1 hour.

Refund Policy

  1. The refund process only applies to Hosting services (Cpanel / Plesk) with a transaction amount above Rp. 50.000, -.
  2. The Refund process does not apply to services other than hosting such as Domains, VPS Servers, Colocation Servers, Dedicated Servers, and others).
  3. You can make a refund by contacting the support department team via ticket for the refund process by informing the service to be refunded, reason for refund, recipient name, account number, bank name.
  4. The return time will be processed for 2×24 hours
  5. You have the right to request a full refund if the use of the service is still under 30 days, but if you pass that, there will be a reduction in fees according to the length of time the service is used, the details of which will be provided by the IDCloudHost billing team.
  6. If you make a refund on a discount service (promo), then the refund process is carried out where the user will get a refund according to the transaction funds after deducting the usage funds
  7. There will be no refunds if we stop your hosting or other services due to a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy or other violations of the Terms of Service of service at IDCloudHost.
  8. Refund decision will cause the status of the Service to be suspended automatically.
  9. Refunded funds are service funds ordered, excluding Value Added Tax (VAT) fees that existed at the time the transaction was made.
  10. IDCloudHost will not provide refunds for users who violate the Terms of Service.

Cancellation Policy

  1. You can decide to quit at any time. Cancellation requests cannot be made over the phone. To make a cancellation, you must contact Customer Service who is already available on the website or send a ticket regarding service cancellation.
  2. Notification of cancellation must be received at least ten working days prior to the due date to avoid full charges for the next period of service. Failure to cancel will cause the invoice to remain due. Cancellation requests can only be registered if the account does not have an invoice due.
  3. You are responsible for the use of the confirmation email from IDCloudHost. If you haven’t received a cancellation notification email, your account will remain active and you will still receive an invoice.
  4. IDCloudhost has the right to cancel the account at any time if a violation is found on the user’s account.
  5. We do not accept other forms of cancellation forms.
  6. It is your responsibility to ensure that the paypal subscription you entered has been canceled.
  7. Services that are canceled or canceled by users will automatically delete all files (including backups) on the canceled services.

Top Up Policy (Private Cloud)

  1. You can top up your balance through the Private Cloud Client Area.
  2. The balance / fund that has been topped up can be filled in to use the Private Cloud service.
  3. The balance / fund that has been topped up cannot be returned or refunded.

Guarantee Policy

Services and software provided to you by IDCloudHost on an “as available” basis; IDCloudHost does not guarantee that the services and software are error-free and / or interrupted, or that the damage will be repaired. IDCloudHost does not guarantee the security or back-up of any of your data that may be stored on the service.

Indemnity Policy

You agree to use IDCloudHost services and facilities with all possible risks that arise, borne by you. IDCloudHost will not be responsible for losses, loss of data including damage arising from the use of IDCloudHost facilities. IDCloudHost is freed from third party claims for losses incurred by third parties.

Auto Cancel Policy

The Auto Cancel system is a system that automatically cancels a payment bill. Auto Cancel system applies if:

  1. The system will automatically cancel if the new transaction is not paid until the 30th day (starting from the outgoing invoice)
  2. The system will automatically cancel if the previously unpaid invoice (extend) if it is not paid off until the 51st day (starting from the time the invoice came out, on the 50th day there will be a terminated)
  3. The system will cancel the payment process so that users are advised to re-order on the IDCloudHost Transaction page

Voucher Policy

  1. Voucher codes can be used for every transaction.
  2. The voucher code is valid for certain time conditions, the price will return to normal if in one condition the service has expired.
  3. The rules for using vouchers are explained in full on the promo page with the conditions described therein.

Domain Payment Policy

Regarding the delay in renewing the domain after the time limit of 30 days after the domain expiration, there is a penalty 10 times the price of domain renewal.

For .ID domains, when you renew the domain after maturity or during the autorenewal period, you can use the normal price, the user is required to confirm and ensure that the age of the domain has increased when it has made a payment. If the autorenewal period is past, the price to extend is 300% renewal price + 1 year renewal.